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Don’t lose that Contact!

We all recognise the importance of starting and building relationships, whether for business or in our social lives.  But sometimes we let ourselves down by not keeping track of people’s details.   We write contact details on pieces of paper or notepads, never to be seen again.  Telephone directories are a great resource for finding people, but when you’ve found them you will lose that information if you don’t save it.  Contacts Clippa is an add-in for Internet Explorer that helps you save those contacts from over 55 telephone directories to your PC address book (Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes etc.) with just two clicks in about two seconds. Austin magic mirror rental captures all of the provided information, including address, fax, email and web addresses.  It is such a labor saver!

When you find that person or company you’re looking for,
 what are you going to do?

Options Time Taken Issues
A) Right mouse click on the name of the contact and select Contacts Clippa from the popup menu.  The contact is immediately and accurately saved to your contact manager. (eg: Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop)No highlighting.  No copy and paste. 2 secs   This seems too easy…
Can it be true?
B) Ring them up.  0 secs   You need to look it up again next time
C) Write the details on a piece of paper. 60 secs   Ensure it’s complete and accurate
D) Write  the details in your diary. 60 secs   Ensure it’s complete and accurate
E) Copy and paste their details to your contact manager. 180 secs   A difficult and time consuming exercise
F) Tap the details into your palm pilot or pocket PC. 60 secs   Ensure it’s complete and accurate

To follow up two weeks later…

A) Find the contact in a second in Outlook, Lotus Notes or your synchronised Personal Digital Assistant.
B) Go through the lookup process again on the Internet.  This takes some time.
C) You’ve lost the piece of paper… or have you got the details you need?  go to B.
D) You find the contact in your diary but they don’t answer and you didn’t write down the email address… go to B.
E & F) You probably didn’t record everything as it was too time consuming… go to B.


Using Contacts Clippa is as simple as following these 5 steps:

1.      Open Internet Explorer and browse to any web site containing the contact information you wish to retrieve. 
(eg: the White Pages– We support over 50 and the list is growing.

2.       Using the search screens provided by the site, search for and locate the required contact
ending up with a screen similar to this:

3.       Right-mouse-click anywhere on the name of the contact (eg. A Demo Company).
Contacts Clippa uses this to determine which contact you want.
This can be a person or a business – it doesn’t matter.

4.       When you right-mouse-click a popup menu appears.
Select Contacts Clippa from the popup menu.

5.      Within a few of seconds your contact manager will show a “New Contact” window.
         All of the information relating to this contact will have been entered for you.
         All you need to do is click Save and Close.

 copy of the listing details is also placed in the notes section.  This allows you to refer to information that doesn’t “fit” into a particular field. (Like the fact that the number is toll-free.)

So basically, you right-mouse-click on the name of the contact, select Contacts Clippa from the popup menu.

That’s it.

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