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Population Estimates and Projections

Estimates and projections of population by age and sex were obtained from the Census Bureau and the Puerto Rican Planning Board (the primary statistical agency) at the state and Municipio levels. A consistent level of geography at the sub-county level was created for 1980 and 1990 (using a combination of the barrio and Census Tract levels) that permits a consistent analysis of the historical data. The available 1980, 1990, and current year INSOURCE data were compiled to this hybrid level of geography and used as the basic inputs to the population and household models.

Population by age and sex was first estimated using cohort survival techniques, with local adjustments made in accordance with the INSOURCE database.


Aggregate income was estimated using current year and historical estimates of per capita income, provided to the Municipio level of geography. For smaller units of geography, a statistical model was created to explain the relative differences in income growth between 1980 and 1990. This model was then used to project total income to the current year and the projection years, and then adjusted to the county level control totals.

Estimates of the distribution of income were created using the 1990 income distributions as a base, with the distributions shifted in accordance with the growth in per capita income. Special consideration was given to the corporate event venues central NJ fact than in many areas, there are significant numbers of households with no earnings. As a result, the lower income groups of the distribution were not shifted to the same degree as the upper income groups.

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