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Puerto Rican Database Overview

The core data products available for Puerto Rico include:

*           1990 Census

*           Current Year Population and Income Estimates

*           5- and 10-Year Population and Income Projections

*           Geographic Boundaries

*           Major Roads and Highways

*           Streets

*           Freeway 3.0 Drive Time Software

Demographics are available for the following levels of geography:

*           Level # Areas

*           Block Group 2644

*           Census Tract 855

*           Place and Census Designated Place 220

*           Barrio (County Subdivision equivalents) 899

*           Municipio (County equivalents) 78

*           State 1

Cartographic files are available in each of the following formats on the CD:

*           MapInfo TAB format

*           ESRI ArcView

*           MapInfo MID/MIF

Database files are in dBase IV format, and are readily usable within any standard database or GIS application.

Census Data

The 1980 and 1990 Census of Population for Puerto Rico is a different questionnaire than that of the mainland states. The key differences are:

           Data by race and Hispanic origin is of little importance in Puerto Rico and there is much less of a focus on these sub-populations than in the mainland Census databases

           The data on housing includes a wider range of data related to type of construction and housing condition

           Income distributions are very detailed for lower income households

           Data on literacy

           Bilingualism (similar to the mainland linguistic isolation tables)

A subset of the 1990 Census was selected for inclusion in the databases, including approximately 400 variables in total.

Estimates and Projections

The estimates and projections undertaken for Puerto Rico are relatively limited as a result of the lack of quality source data available for the area. Specifically, there is very little in the way of current year estimates or projections below the Municipio (county equivalent) level.

The following data sources were employed in preparing these estimates:

Experian INSOURCEÔ database, summarized to the block group and ZIP+4 levels of geography. INSOURCE is used as the basis for the 1999 estimates at the block group level.

*           Puerto Rico Planning Board current year estimates of income and population, available only at the Municipio level of geography

*           Census Bureau projections of population, population by age, and population by age and sex for Puerto Rico

*           Census Bureau STF3 estimates for 1990 Census of Puerto Rico at the block group level and higher.

*           Census Bureau STF3 estimates for 1980 Census of Puerto Rico at the barrio level (county subdivision) and Census Tract levels (primarily metropolitan areas only).

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